A downloadable prototype for Windows

Scouting Game for LD36 (Ancient Technology)

We really came close to not getting this in -- but the core idea is there (even if the gameplay isn't quite fun yet :) )

You are a trusted scout for a weary group of travelers. Your goal?
To reach the town while helping all your party members survive.
Each party member has a special skill set they bring to the group.
Lose them and lose that skill. As scout you will gather no resources,
rather you will survey your surroundings, and mark resources for your party
members to collect. You must also mark where you want your party to set up camp next,
getting closer to your goal each day. But beware! If you haven't returned\n by nightfall, bad things are sure to happen...

1 mark resource for lumber jack
2 mark resource for hunter
3 mark resource for forager
C mark next location for camp
E interact with camp when in range to send NPCs on tasks, and start next day
Tab Check NPC statistics
WASD move

Submission by alexmugford & alexdawsonca.

Parvas Font by Jupiter Hadley.
Used under Creative Commons License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/


LD36TheScout.zip 9 MB